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About David Travis

I can't remember when I first became aware of the camera but I must have been very young. My father was a part-time wedding photographer and the cupboard under the stairs was rammed with photographic equipment like Patterson tanks, enlargers, paper — and of course the overwhelming smell of fixer chemical.

The first camera I remember using was a Polaroid instant camera at the age of 11. I would prowl the streets — 11-year-olds could do that then — taking pictures of friends and family in the urban landscape. The immediate feedback provided by the instant camera taught me much about composition and the types of subject that photograph well.

Once a year my parents would take me and my brother out of London to spend a week on the coast. The contrast with the urban landscape was overwhelming and I think that is where my passion for landscape photography began.

That feeling has stayed with me and I never tire of exploring new landscapes (both rural and urban) and seeing how they look through the viewfinder of a film camera or the LCD display of a digital camera. I believe photography is an unparalleled medium for capturing the contrasts between rural and urban landscapes.

But capturing a landscape in digital or analogue form is just a part of the photographic story. I truly believe that a picture isn't finished until it has been printed. Computer screens have wonderful colour and resolution but they lack the tangibility of the printed image. Nurturing (and sometimes bullying) the image into printed form so that it can be hung on the wall is a fascinating artistic challenge — even if it can sometimes be frustrating and require many attempts to achieve perfection.

As a child, I would watch excitedly as the Polaroid image emerged in front of my eyes seconds after it was captured. As an adult, I have a similar feeling of anticipation as I watch the digital image slowly edge its way out of a modern printer.

I hope you enjoy my images and that you feel sufficiently moved to purchase a print. Choosing to hang my work on a wall of your home is the highest form of compliment that I can receive as a photographer.

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